Who may sign?

Q.  I work at an academy of science and friends of mine work in national laboratories, institutes, research centers, and other settings outside of academia.  May we sign the petition?
A.  Yes, feel free to interpret "academic" broadly.

Q.  May students sign?
A.  Some students organize conferences or are invited to be speakers. If you are a student in such a situation, feel free to sign.  We have two concerns: a)  that scholars exercise their commitment and b) that younger scholars not suffer unduly as a consequence of exercising their commitment.  Younger scholars are more vulnerable than older scholars, and thus might want to postpone making such a public commitment.  In our view, the people who have the greatest responsibility are those who are frequently in the position of organizing conferences or receiving invitations to them.  Another way you could express your commitment is by discussing this issue with senior scholars.

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